Right now, Cavanaugh Church is breaking ground on a 24,000-square-foot worship and Wee Worship center, as well as a new, expanded parking lot. This building will give us plenty of space to grow and comfortably accommodate every person who walks through our doors. It will also provide a secure, single point of entry for all of our children services, offering kids a safe place to worship and parents total peace of mind.

We believe that these developments are what our church needs to best reach our community and the world with the gospel.

Our hope for the It’s Our Turn campaign is that every person who calls Cavanaugh Church home will join us on this journey of spiritual growth and sacrifice. As our church family unites with the single purpose of serving God faithfully, we will individually seek His will for the part we are each called to play. Our goal is to collectively raise $2 million for the new building project over the next three years.

A campaign like this can only succeed with God’s blessing and through the sacrifice of His people. We firmly believe that when the people of God come together in faith to see His will done, He will bless their efforts. And so it is with complete trust in God and excitement for His plans for Cavanaugh Church that we invite you to come on this journey with us.

It’s our turn.