Back in 1962, a handful of visionaries demonstrated great faith in God. They embarked on a God-sized dream that led to the birth of a Free Will Baptist church on the south side of Fort Smith in the Cavanaugh community.

Since that time, our church has relocated and built a total of six buildings. The work of the ministry has been kept alive by human vessels that have a heart for God. There is no doubt that God has blessed Cavanaugh Church through the years.

It is true that the Cavanaugh people have always said, “Yes,” when God said, “Build.” The present generation is no different. God has blessed, and people have come to worship, fellowship, and grow in Christ. So many have come that we are out of space. In 2011, the church voted to purchase the houses next to our current property and to build a new worship center. We have purchased eleven houses, cleared the land, and are now ready to build the building.

April 4, 2021, we are launching the stewardship campaign It’s Our Turn. This will be an incredible journey for the people of God, culminating in a commitment event on April 5th. We want each follower of Christ involved in the journey of faith, vision, growth, prayer, and sacrifice. I’m asking you to get involved now. Pray and say, “Yes,” to whatever God tells you to do.

Our key verse for this campaign is Numbers 13:30, which says, “Then Caleb silenced the people before Moses and said, ‘We should go up and take possession of the land, for we can certainly do it.’”

Like those who have gone before us, we can certainly do this project, because It’s Our Turn.

Your Friend,

Bro. Will